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Autocad Shortcut Keys

Autocad Shortcut Keys    Key Combination                                         Action     Ctrl + 0 Clean Screen (toggle) Ctrl + 1 Properties palette (toggle) Ctrl + 2 DesignCenter (toggle) Ctrl + 3 Tool Palettes (toggle) Ctrl + 4 Sheet Set Manager (toggle) Ctrl + 6 dbConnect Manager (toggle) Ctrl + 7 Markup Set Manager (toggle) Ctrl + […]

Autocad Introduction, Cad History, Cad Version

Autocad Introduction, Autocad History, Autocad Version, Autocad Languages, Autocad Extensions. Autocad  Introduction :  Autocad  Introduction the term CAD (Computer Aided Design) applies to a wide range of programs that allow the user to created drawings, plans, and designs electronically. Autocad Introduction. AutoCAD is one such program and it main claim to fame is that it is relatively easy […]

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