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Erase, Mirror, Offset


This removes a selected group of entities, which may be entered before or after the command it self is entered.

( Shortcut  = E )

E                                                                        =      

Select objects                                                    =    

Erase, Mirror, Offset


This command produces a mirror like copy of a selected object group by specifying the two ends of the mirror line. Then, the mirrored objects may be deleted or kept, depending upon the user’s preference.

( Shortcut  = Mi )

Mi                                                                      =      

Select objects                                                    =    

Specify first point of mirror line                          =
Specify second point of mirror line

Erase Mirror Offset

Erase source objects? [Yes/No] <N>       =     

Erase, Mirror, Offset


Constructs a new entity parallel to an existing one. This could be a single line, polyline, arc, circle, or curve.

( Shortcut  = O )

O                                                                    =      

Select objects                                                 =    

Specify offset distance                                   =  1 

Select object to offset                                    =

Specify point on side to offset                       =  Click inside  or outside form object

Erase, Mirror, Offset Erase, Mirror, Offset


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Erase, Mirror, Offset

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