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Circle, 2P circle, 3P circle, TTR circle

Autocad, Circle, 2P, 3P, TTR Circle  Draws a circle by letting the user specify the center point, then dictating the circle’s size by entering a value for either the circle’s radius or its diameter. Another option to creating a circle with this command is to specify three points on the circle’s circumference, two end-points of […]

Hardware, Electronics, Analog, Digital, Hybrid

Hardware, Electronics, Analog Electronic, Digital Electronic, Hybrid Electronic Hardware Electronics It is a physical device which we can easily touch. It has make by many of electronic components. This is only a machine and can’t work without current. Whenever any software is not installed for that hardware it is useless. (E+) Electronics It is the […]

Components Of Analog Electronic ( Current, Voltage, Diode, Capacitor, Tranistor, Transformer, Coil, Rectifier, ICs )

Components Of Analog Electronic, Current, Voltage, Diode, Capacitor, Tranistor, Transformer, Coil, Rectifier, ICs Components of Analog electronic I) Current II) Voltage III) Diode IV) Capacitor V) Transistor VI) Transformer VII) Coil VIII) Rectifier IX) ICs Components of Digital Electronic:- Number system of conversion Logic gates Flip flop Counter Multiplexer – Demultiplexer Encoder – decoder Current […]

Digital Electronics, Binary, Decimal, Octal

Digital Electronics, Binary Number System, Decimal Number System, Hexadecimal Number System DIGITAL ELECTRONICS Digital Electronics Number system of conversion: – Number system is important thing in the digital electronics, because this system is responsible for digital output. It generates the different codes of circuit. There are different number systems. Binary number System Decimal number System […]

Photoshop Shortcut

Photoshop Shortcut Selecting Shortcuts                                                         Selecting Draw Marquee from Center Alt-Marquee Add to a Selection Shift Subtract from a Selection Alt Intersection with a Selection Shift-Alt Make Copy of […]

Autocad Shortcut Keys

Autocad Shortcut Keys    Key Combination                                         Action     Ctrl + 0 Clean Screen (toggle) Ctrl + 1 Properties palette (toggle) Ctrl + 2 DesignCenter (toggle) Ctrl + 3 Tool Palettes (toggle) Ctrl + 4 Sheet Set Manager (toggle) Ctrl + 6 dbConnect Manager (toggle) Ctrl + 7 Markup Set Manager (toggle) Ctrl + […]

I-Global Computer Training Institute ( I-Global Institute )

  No. 1 Computer Training Institute I-Global Institute Of Technology ABOUT US I-Global Institute of technology is a leading Global Talent Development Organization of India. iGlobal is premier insitute which takes up resource activities for education and training in Computers, Electronics and Information Technology, keeping pace with the modern advancements on one hand and keeping in view […]

Solidworks Shortcut,Solidworks, Solidworks 2019

Shorcut, Solidworks Keybord Shortcut, Solidworks 2017 Shortcut, Solidworks 2018, Solidworks 2019,Solidworks Shortcut, Solidworks Solidworks Shortcut   Like Facebook Page File Shortcuts Ctrl+ N New Ctrl+ O Open Ctrl+ W Open from web folder Ctrl+ D Make a drawing from part or assy Ctrl+ A Make a new assy from part or assy Ctrl+ S Save […]

Illustrator Introduction, History, Version

Illustrator Introduction, History, Version, Illustrator Illustrator Introduction Illustrator Introduction :- Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. The latest version, Illustrator CC 2017, is the twenty-first generation in the product line. Illustrator Introduction  History Versions 1–1.6 (Illustrator 88) : Adobe Illustrator was first developed for the Apple Macintosh in December […]

PageMaker Introduction, Page Maker, Version

PageMaker Introduction,  PageMaker history, Page Maker, Version PageMaker Introduction PageMaker History :- PageMaker was one of the first desktop publishing programs, introduced in 1985 by Aldus, initially for the Apple Macintosh and, in 1987, for PCs running Windows 1.0. Page Maker As an application relying on a graphical user interface, PageMaker helped to popularize the Macintosh platform […]

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